Ace CR125 joins Mid Life Cycles

The Ace CR125 Cafe Racer has joined the Mid Life Cycles fleet. We’ve dubbed it the CR125 because that’s what we plan to turn it into – an even closer replica of (or tribute to) the fabulous Honda CR110 racer of the early 1960s. Honda built its own tribute to the CR110, the 2004-model Honda Dream 50R in road and race trim, and perhaps it’s the road-going Honda Dream 50 that the Ace CR125 most closely replicates.

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SkyTeam Ace 125

Ace CR125 cafe racer










Or check out progress on our Facebook page:!/pages/Mid-Life-Cycles/106623929427746


Lunch with a 1913 Henderson – see more on our Blog.



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4 comments on “Ace CR125 joins Mid Life Cycles

  1. Jim Meyer on said:

    The classic Honda 125cc racer was designated CR93. The CR110 was the 50cc production racer.Cheers

  2. nick hoban on said:

    how can i get the ace cr 125 under my butt!?! im in houston texas.

    • Hi Nick
      Sorry for the long delay in replying. We’re better at building bikes than updating our website and responding to inquiries. I believe there will be new dealers for the Ace 125 appointed soon in the US of A. Good luck – they’re a lot of fun. Not fast, but fun.

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