New Ace CR125 cafe racer

SkyTeam Ace 125 cafe racer

The new Ace CR125 cafe racer

The Ace CR125 Cafe Racer has joined the Mid Life Cycles fleet. We’ve dubbed it the CR125 because that’s what we plan to turn it into – an even closer replica of (or tribute to) the fabulous Honda CR110 racer of the early 1960s. Honda built its own tribute to the CR110, the 2004-model Honda Dream 50R in road and race trim, and perhaps it’s the road-going Honda Dream 50 that the Ace CR125 most closely replicates.

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1998 Kawasaki ZR750 Classic

1998 Kawasaki ZR750 Classic



Kawasaki built a limited run of its ZR750 Classic for model years 1996 and 1998. The Classic is based on the long-running Zephyr series, with added features such as wire-spoked wheels, four-into-two exhaust and paint schemes that paid tribute to the iconic Kawasaki Z1. We service, repair and restore classic bikes and cafe racers.



1972 Honda CB100 CR (Cafe Racer)

Showroom Custom 3

And here he is – Sammy the CB100 cafe racer. Every visitor to Mid Life Cycles is blown away by what ace builder Darren Brown has created here – a bike that’s more mascot than motorcycle, more art than machine, more Honda CR than CB… and it runs as well as it looks. We are building more of these, so Sammy is currently our Showpiece. Please inquire about build-costs for your cafe racer.
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